Rethinking The Suit: Husbands

Agile Films for MR PORTER


3 1/2 minutes

Video commissioning editor

Directed by Emile Rafael

Shot by Spike Morris

Shot on location in Paris, 2019

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While it’s unfair to make assumptions about a person based purely on where they live, you might expect a Parisian tailor to take a rather more philosophical approach to their craft than one based in, say, Milan or London. Philosophy permeates every aspect of French life, after all, from the classroom to the dining table; why should the tailor’s fitting room be off-limits? Stereotypical as it may sound, this theory is lent a certain credibility by Husbands, a menswear atelier in the heart of Paris. Here, being fitted for a suit means first confronting one’s own mortality.

© Made by Lee Deaville in lockdown, London 2020
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