Making a living project-by-project; screener-by-screener.

Detail-obsessed, story-oriented maker.

Occasional, serviceable director.

Able, efficient editor.

Ideas person.

Currently editorial video lead at MR PORTER.

A true video native, I conceive, write, develop, edit and produce all kinds of content.

I cut my cloth producing commercial and corporate videos for the likes of Canon and GMC; created and developed films and series at Red Bull; and taught filmmaking to degree students as an associate lecturer. Now I’m commissioning video for MR PORTER - working with super directors and DOPs.

To avoid getting square eyes, you can find me at the football, in the pub or on a hike. I’m interested in architecture and design, geography and nature, history and all sorts of music. 

© Made by Lee Deaville in lockdown, London 2020
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