Bullit: The Documentary Series

Red Bull Media House
for Red Bull

Documentary series

30 x 30 minutes

Edit producer
and occasional story editor

‘Abstracting the Masters’; ‘Becoming Sumo’; ‘Life Among Giants’; ‘Running With Dragons’; ‘Spirits of Africa’; ‘Survival and Rescue’; ‘The Firemakers’; ‘Valencia Burning’

Released in 2013

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Character driven half-hour films told through a spectacular blend of visual storytelling, in-the-moment interviews and narration. The series transports viewers around the globe to experience inspiring personal journeys in captivating locations. The films endeavor to bring audiences a first-hand look at what only a privileged few have seen, such as the inside of an active volcano, behind the scenes of professional sumo wrestling and face-to-face encounters with endangered Minke whales.

© Made by Lee Deaville in lockdown, London 2020
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